Upcoming Bids

Below is a list of projects for which we are currently soliciting bids from subcontractors. This list may include upcoming bids and projects that Sagres Construction was already awarded.

Drawings and specifications are provided where electronic files are available. If electronic files are not available, physical copies are available for review at our office.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of these project.

Following are the Upcoming Bids

      Piscataway Secondary Clarifiers and Polymer Feed System Upgrade/Expansion Project

    • Description :The project involves rehabilitation of existing train 1 and train 2 secondary clarifiers, construction of new 200’ diameter secondary clarifiers, new scum well and vault, new polymer feed system, new effluent conduit and parshall flume, demolition of portions of existing Model WWTP and multiple utility relocations, miscellaneous site work and all related works.
    • Owner :WSSC
    • Contract Number:CD5170D11
    • Project Name :Piscataway Secondary Clarifiers and Polymer Feed System Upgrade/Expansion Project
    • Location :
    • Bid Date :12/14/2017
    • Download Documents :

      Rossyln Circle Improvements

    • Description :
    • Owner :VDOT
    • Contract Number:C000109813C01B
    • Project Name :Rossyln Circle Improvements
    • Location :Rosslyn Circle Intersection
    • Bid Date :12/20/2017
    • Download Documents :

      Route 50 Intersection Improvements/Woodlawn Ave.

    • Description :Sealed bids are hereby solicited for construction of work including but not limited to: curb and gutter, sidewalks, retaining wall, storm drainage structure and pipe modifications, asphalt demolition and restoration, pavement markings, tree removal, water line modifications, and site restoration work. Scope of work also includes cleaning of storm structure and pipe flushing
    • Owner :Fairfax County
    • Contract Number:CN17102043/CN17102039
    • Project Name :Route 50 Intersection Improvements/Woodlawn Ave.
    • Location :Route 50
    • Bid Date :12/07/2017
    • Download Documents :

      Accokeek Road Transmission Water Main

    • Description :Installation of approximately 23,170 feet of 24 inch transmission water main to connect pressure zone 385B to pressure zone 345A; the installation of approximately 13 feet of 16-inch water main; the installation of approximately 30 feet of 12 inch water main; and the installation of a flow control valve and vault (and related appurtenances) in Brandywine and Waldorf, Prince Georges County, Maryland
    • Owner :WSSC
    • Contract Number:BL5273A11
    • Project Name :Accokeek Road Transmission Water Main
    • Location :Brandywine and Waldorf, Prince Georges County, Maryland
    • Bid Date :11/12/2017
    • Download Documents :


    • Description :Replacement of approximately 83 feet of 10 inch water main, 9,963 feet of 8 inch water main, 1,558 feet of 4 inch water main, 155 feet of 8 inch sewer main, and 4,813 feet of water house connections to serve Sandy Bar Drive and various streets in Fort Washington, Prince George’s County, Maryland
    • Owner :WSSC
    • Contract Number:BRCR5823A15
    • Location :Fort Washington, Maryland
    • Bid Date :11/30/2017
    • Download Documents :
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