Sagres Construction has completed numerous projects since its inception.

Projects featured on this site are just a few examples that exemplify our wide range of capabilities.



      MD 28 at MD 586/MD911

    • Project Name :MD 28 at MD 586/MD911
    • Project Number :
    • Owner :Maryland State Highway Administration
    • Location:Rockville, Maryland

    Description :

    Base widening, asphalt roadway grinding & resurfacing, storm drainage improvements, curb and gutter installation, handicap ramp upgrades, sidewalk installation, traffic signal reconstruction, signing & markings, traffic barrier replacement, and landscaping.

      Levee Restoration Project

    • Project Name :Levee Restoration Project
    • Project Number :
    • Owner :Prince George’s County
    • Location:Riverdale, Maryland

    Description :

    The purpose of this project was removal of trees and tree stumps along the PG County’s levee system at various locations.

    The work involved the following activities:

    • Clearing of existing vegetation, including trees
    • Grinding of Stumps
    • Removal of unsuitable soil and backfill
    • Herbicide application


    Notable successes on this project involve it’s timely completion (This project had only 45 days for completion and was spread out at 13 different locations) and overcoming difficult site conditions that requited a lot of creativity to allow us to perform some of the work located on steep slopes.

      Wheeler Road at Iverson Street

    • Project Name :Wheeler Road at Iverson Street Intersection Improvements
    • Project Number :813-H (B)
    • Owner :Prince George’s County DPW
    • Location:Prince George’s County

    Description :

    This project consisted of widening of Wheeler road, which included construction of new sidewalk and drainage improvements.

    The work involved the following activities:

    • Removal of existing shoulder
    • Construction of Curb and Gutter
    • Construction of 5’ wide concrete sidewalk
    • Construction of 34” F Shape concrete barrier
    • Construction of stone check dams
    • Installation of COG Inlets
    • Mill and overlay of existing roadway

    This project was completed ahead of time and without any major complications.

      Anacostia Combined Sewer Separation

    • Project Name :Anacostia Combined Sewer Separation
    • Project Number :050040
    • Owner :DC WASA
    • Location:Washington DC

    Description :

    Main purpose of this project was the separation of Storm Water from the existing sewer system. Project also included the replacement of existing 8” and 6” water mains as well as the replacement of lead water services.

    During this project Sagres Construction installed the following:

    * 2,000 LF of 6” and 8” Water Main

    * Number of Valves, Fire Hydrants and Domestic Water Services including Lead Service replacement

    * 1,500 LF of Storm Sewer (15” thru 24”)

    * 230 LF of Sanitary Sewer (10” thru 30”)

    * 2,700 LF of Storm Sewer Laterals

    * Storm and Sewer Manholes

    * Restoration of 6,600 SY of Asphalt Pavement


      North Gate Park at the Paint Branch

    • Project Name :North Gate Park at the Paint Branch
    • Project Number :
    • Owner :University of Maryland
    • Location:College Park Maryland

    Description :

    Pedestrian bridge installation over Paint Branch Stream, at University of Maryland located in College Park, Maryland. Bridge length is 123 feet. Selective clearing and grubbing with selective clearing of brush and invasive with establishing tree protection area and root pruning was required in heavily wooded job site. Installation of concrete & asphalt pathways, conduits, wiring, City of College Park specific light poles, emergency call station, 45 deep caissons, concrete plaza, bus shelter relocation, handrail, storm drain, and landscaping.

      16″ HDPE Water Main – Blue Plains, DC

    • Project Name :16" HDPE Water Main
    • Project Number :
    • Owner :DC WASA
    • Location:Washington DC - Blue Plains

    Description :

    Following are the highlights of this project:

    1. Install 16″ HDPE water main. All joints fused with pipe fusing machine

    2. Replace 21 valves all along the plant.

    3. Install electrical duct bank 2×2 and 3×3

    4. Installation of Light Poles

      Alexandria Bridge Maintenance and Repair

    • Project Name :Alexandria Bridge Maintenance and Repair
    • Project Number :
    • Owner :Alexandria Bridge Maintenance and Repair
    • Location:Alexandria, Virginia

    Description :

    Performed various bridge repairs on four different bridges in Alexandria, Virginia. Work included:

    1. Repairs of different types (cracks, spalls and delaminations)
    2. Replacement of preformed elastomeric joint seal.
    3. Repair of aluminum bridge railing
    4. Painting of structural steel (complete structures and zone painting)
    5. Removal of vegetation and debris around structures

      Pedestrian Footbridge over Minnehaha Creek

    • Project Name :Pedestrian Footbridge over Minnehaha Creek
    • Project Number :
    • Owner :Federal Highway Administration
    • Location:Glen Echo, Maryland

    Description :

    Repair foundation of the pedestrian bridge. Stream diversion was the major challenge in this project. The project involved underpinning, concrete work, stone masonry etc…

      Rehabilitation of Memorial Avenue and Memorial Circle

    • Project Name :Rehabilitation of Memorial Avenue and Memorial Circle
    • Project Number :PRA-GWMP 11(2)
    • Owner :Federal Highway Administration
    • Location:Arlington, Vriginia

    Description :

    This project was at Memorial Ave leading to The Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.
    Project consisted of:
    Installation of Storm drains across Memorial Ave
    Exposed Aggregate Sidewalk
    Concrete and Granite curb
    Handicap ramps
    Roadway reconstruction
    Part of this project is owned by the Arlington County, which involved installation of a 48″ elliptical sanitary sewer pipe across Memorial Ave.

      Water Main Upgrades and Relocation – Gallows Rd and Lee Hwy

    • Project Name :Water Main Upgrades and Relocation - Gallows Rd and Lee Hwy
    • Project Number :B76
    • Owner :Virginia Department of Transportation
    • Location:Falls Church, Virginia

    Description :

    This project involves replacement of water mains from 4” to 36” in Merrifield area of Falls Church, VA. This is part of the road widening and improvements along Gallows Rd and Lee hwy. Project required coordination between several owner agencies and sub contractors. Completion date – January 2011.

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